Materials Used

henry blueskin builder
  • Since Bass Built Custom Homes only uses the best of the best, we use Henry Blueskin®. This house wrap is as  impenetrable as your house should be. Resistant to heavy winds and rain, Blueskin® is the best home wrapping option for your custom home in the Wilmington area. Sleep soundly through the storm, knowing that wind gusts and water are staying outside where they belong.
  • An added benefit of Henry Blueskin® is the energy efficiency it provides your home. The elimination of drafts makes your home more comfortable, and keeps heating and air conditioning inside. This will reduce energy cost as well as air quality in your home.
  • Bass Built wants your family to be happy and healthy. That’s why we use Blueskin®.
James Hardie
  • When a quality home builder needs siding, they go to James Hardie for fiber cement. Bass Built builds homes to last. James Hardie® fiber cement products won’t crumble in the heat of summer, like some vinyl siding, and the integrity is never compromised like classic wood siding.
  • Moisture, humidity, fire, freezing temperatures, and pests like termites are worries of the past. Your James Hardie® fiber cement siding will pass the tests of time and last as long as you need it to.
  • You are also unlimited in terms of design with James Hardie® fiber cement products! There are endless combinations of siding and trim that will give your home the custom home feel while providing stability and lasting power.
PGT Visibly Better
  • On the coast, windows and doors need to be more than just a picture framed view. Hurricanes and tropical storms threaten these portals every year. Bass Built only builds with Windows from PGT® because we care about your custom home and the people in it. No matter what style or treatment you choose, your Windows from PGT® will protect your family from extreme weather, guaranteed.
  • Windows and doors from PGT® also reduce energy costs, noise pollution, and the influence of UV rays that fade your furnishings. There are a variety of non-impact and impact-resistant glass options that will perfectly suit your needs. Bass Built Custom Homes is here to make sure your windows and doors will never need replacing.
  • There are seemingly countless suppliers for residential HVAC units; it can be difficult to know where to start! Luckily, Bass Built Custom Homes has already found the tried and true best one. Lennox® offers a wide variety of Comfort Systems for your new home that are sure to keep you comfortable and happy. From standard heating and cooling, to indoor air quality assurance systems like humidifiers, Lennox® can supply your home with all its HVAC needs.
  • One major factor that sets Lennox® apart for us at Bass Built is their commitment to environmentally-friendly technology. ENERGY STAR qualified, Lennox® supplies homes with units that save energy and money on monthly heating bills. While this may seem to be the industry standard, Lennox® steps it up a notch by providing solar-ready units that can essentially half your bills. The Bass Built Custom Homes team will help you choose what system best suits your needs.
benjamin moore paints
  • One of the most exciting parts of designing custom built homes is choosing the paint! Interior and exterior, Bass Built trusts Benjamin Moore for all our painting needs. Benjamin Moore has one of the largest color palettes for homeowners to choose from, as well as one of the largest varieties of paint types. Whether you like glossy finishes for the sun-room or a cool, matte coat in the bathroom, we can get it all for you at Benjamin Moore.
  • Aside from the vastness of their inventory, there are specific specialties that make Benjamin Moore stand out. Their Aura® Exterior Paint is weatherproof and durable, just like a Bass Built Home.  Their Natura® line of interior finishes promises zero allergens or emissions, keeping your family safer through the painting process and beyond. Bass Built uses Benjamin Moore because we care about the well-being of both your home and family.
Moen For Life
  • Fixtures are what take your bathroom and kitchen from standard to luxurious. Bass Built Custom Homes uses Moen fixtures and accessories because we believe every aspect of your home should be quality. From design to installation, Moen products look and work above the standard.
  • Personalizing your space is easier with Moen because of their large selection of finishes, styles, designs, and functionality in bathroom and kitchen appliances. Make your Bass Built Custom Home truly custom by hand-picking your favorite Moen appliances today!

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