Standing Strong Through the Storm

Standing Strong Through the Storm

Building in Flood Zones, Client Reviews

Hurricane Florence had a devastating effect on our area, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all who lost so much during this storm. Occasional weather events are part of the package when living on the beautiful North Carolina coast. Florence was unusually powerful, even for this area, and a lot of homeowners were rightfully concerned about their property. We wanted to share a story with you from one of our clients who gives a firsthand account of what it was like to evacuate his Bass Built home, not sure what he would see upon returning…

Bass Built Homes built our main level back in 2013. (We built the main level elevated on posts with it open underneath except for a small storage unit.) We let Bryant Bass know our long-term plans of wanting to build out underneath our main level at some point in the future. This required us to bring in fill dirt so the lower level would be above the flood plain so we could obtain an elevation certificate. In 2016 we followed through and added on to our finished living space and also added a two stall garage.

We had been through a couple of weaker hurricanes and tropical storms and had no issues at the house. However, hurricane Florence was a different level of hurricane altogether. We were under a mandatory evacuation order and we evacuated on 9/11/18 when Florence was still a Category 4 storm. Backing out of that driveway and looking at our house for perhaps the last time was a feeling that I hope I don’t ever have to experience again. It was an overwhelming feeling. We stayed with good friends in Raleigh for the next 8 days.

We were both lucky and fortunate that our house was built so well by Bass Built Homes. We were lucky since the storm dropped from a category 4 to a 2 and that when the strongest part of the storm went over us, we were on the southern side of the storm. We drove home on Wednesday, 9/19/18. During our drive home, we saw so much devastation. We arrived home to find our home completely intact with no visual damage whatsoever. Upon further inspection, we had no water leaks and didn’t even lose a shingle. So many homes had different levels of damage depending on their location and proximity to the ocean and trees. The only damage we sustained was to the door on our fence which can be easily replaced.

We are so thankful and consider ourselves both lucky and fortunate to have chosen Bass Built as our home builder. Our home experienced a true test of the quality of the construction from both a structural standpoint and also being water tight since the wind was driving the rain at upwards of 90 mph. I do highly recommend impact resistant windows since we did not have to put up plywood over our windows. This gave us the time we needed to focus on packing our most important belongings for the evacuation instead of having to buy plywood and then wrestle with putting those heavy pieces up over the windows.

So, in conclusion, we highly recommend Bass Built Homes since they build a high quality home and are a stickler for details to assure your home can withstand Mother Nature.

-Gregory Bell

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